Pokemon GO Battle League Season 5 Guide

Go Battle League Season 5 has been announced and it is different from any other season of the League in Pokemon Go.  As usual in Go Battle League seasons, this one will have three stages. Unlike past seasons, however, the stages are highly specialized this time.

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Season 5 features three new and unique stages, each lasting for one week only. Here are the details known so far about each of these "cups":

The Little Cup

In this first stage, you can only select battle teams that include Pokemon that meet two special criteria:
  1. Evolvable - The Pokemon must be able to evolve. So Pokemon that have no evolution at all are not eligible for participation.
  2. But Not Yet Evolved - The selected Pokemon must not yet have been evolved. In other words they must be unevolved.
The dates for the Little Cup are Monday, November 9 through the following Monday, November 16.

The Kanto Cup

In this second stage of Season 5, the following criteria apply for battle teams:
  1. Pokedex Numbers 1 through 151 - Only Pokemon between 1 and 151 can be selected.
  2. Under 1500 CP - No Pokemon above the limit can be used.
The dates for the Kanto Cup are Monday, November 16 through the following Monday, November 23.

The Catch Cup

In this third, and final, stage, the CP limit is also low, and these two criteria must be met:
  1. Season 5 Only - Only Pokemon that you catch since Season 5 of the Go Battle League begins are eligible for this last stage of the event. That means, only Pokemon that you catch after November 9 are allowed to play.
  2. Under 1500 CP - The maximum CP is 1500. In addition any Mythical Pokeomon are not allowed even if they were caught after the season began and are under 1500 CP. That means you cannot use any of Celebi, Victini, Jirachi or Mew.
The dates for the Catch Cup are Monday, November 23 through the following Monday, November 30.