Wurmple Evolutions in Pokemon Go - Evolve Wurmple Into Silcoon Or Cascoon

Wurmple is an interesting little Gen. 3 creature in Pokemon Go.  Wurmple may not be the greatest of the Pokemons, he still is useful in filling out your Pokedex. His family does have some use in a Great League battle as well. It's a bug type that branches into two evolutions.


     Wurmple -> Silcoon -> Beautifly (Bug/Flying)

     Wurmple -> Cascoon -> Dustox (Bug/Poison)

Now the Pokemon Go community has a lot of debate on whether you can control the evolution of this Pokemon.  Some players players believe that it is totally random, while others argue it can be fully controlled.  So what's actually going on here? Let's find out!

What Ruby and Sapphire From The Main Series Tell Us About Wurmple

The mechanics of Pokemon Go are very different from the main series games. For instance, in the main series, some evolutions are based on personality. However, in Pokemon Go, candy is the only determining factor when it comes to pokemon evolutions. Of course, there are a few exceptions, such as in Eevee evolution.

The fact that there is no personality feature in Pokemon Go makes it even harder to predict ways that can control Wurmple evolutions. Even then some players proclaim to have discovered a way. However, personality is the only factor that affects Wurmple's evolution in the main series games, but is totally absent in Pokemon Go. So how are these players able to control the evolutions?

The Techniques of Wurmple Evolutions in Pokemon Go

As of now, two theories are circulating within the Pokemon Go community regarding Wurmple's evolution. I cannot endorse any of these opinions, but here is what they say:

Day and Night Theory

Much like Eevee evolutions to Umbreon and Espeon, the day and night theory is that that Wurmple is also affected by the time of day. The rumor is that Wurmple is more likely to evolve on the Cascoon then Dustox path if evolved during the day. And, it is more likely to evolve on the Silcoon  then Beautifly path during the night. Frankly, I have tried, and do not see any solid evidence supporting this theory. It could all just be random, but it would take many tries to see if there really is any different chances in day versus night.

Internal Value (IV) Theory

The IV theory is that a Wurmple's second stage evolution is based on its highest IV. The details are a bit fuzzy in this case. Whether a high IV Wurmple has a greater chance to evolve into a Silcoon or Cascoon is not known.  The lack of research makes it even more difficult to pin down the exact cause behind evolution.

At this point, the one thing that can be said with certainty is that Wurmple evolution appears to be random. So, if you keep getting a Cascoon, just keep trying until you get a Silcoon, and vice versa!