Tactics to Win Battles and do Great in Pokemon GO Battle League - Guide Part 2

This is Part 2 of my Pokemon GO Battle League guide and this covers advanced tips for winning in the battles themselves. 
Go Battle League Guide 2
This guide provides a lot of tactics and strategies for rising up in the ranks, and to have fun! With the advent of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing in 2020, the timing was perfect for the Go Battle League to be an instant success. With the league, you can do battles right at home, with millions of players from around the world.  

Pick Your Best Battle Team

I covered the best strategies for picking your battle teams in my first installment of the Go Battle League Guide. You can read all the details there. But the short story is you need to pick the best Pokemon for each league level: the Great, Ultra and Master Leagues. Choosing your highest IV pokemon won't be enough. Always prioritize on choosing pokemons based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Tap Fast and Keep Tapping

Each tap is an attack and serves to charge up the charged attack. You can even get a couple of active taps in while your opponent is switching Pokemon. So tap fast, and keep tapping for high scores!


One strategy to use is to switch your Pokemon to one that is strong against your particular opponent.  However, each time you do aa switch, you have to wait a minute before the next switch. You also may lose a tap or two in the process of switching, so this is why I rarely use this tactic in my Go Battles. However, many great players swear by this tactic, and do it all the time. I guess this is a matter of your personal preference.

If you are going to use the switching strategy in your Go Battle League battles, you can make more effective use of this tactic by doing your switches at strategic points in the battle. For instance, if you enter a battle and face an opponent packing super effective moves against you, switch immediately. 

Shield Baiting

To perform a shield bait, you need to have a fast charging move on your Pokemon. This move charges up quickly and baits the opponent into using up one of their two shields to protect against its charged attack. Afterwards, you can use Pokemon with super-effective charged moves when your opponent has used up their shields.

Energy Farming Strategy

You actually can store up energy from taps, even when your Pokemon's charged move is fully charged. To use this energy farming tactic, there are three steps:

  • Keep tapping even after you have fully charged your Pokemon's charged attack, to store up energy.
  • Then do a series of charged attacks one after another.
  • Or, alternatively, allow one pokemon to die, and then use the series of charged attacks with the next one.

These are some of the tips that could determine a win or a loss. Do your research, pick those high IV pokemons and practise your tapping skills to become the best of them all. Good Luck!

Do you have any other good strategies? Share them in the comments below.