Mega Evolutions Pokemon Go Guide

Mega Evolution Guide Charizard

Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go enables a quick step up in the power of your Pokemon. However, unlike regular evolutions, mega evolutions are temporary, and after a period of hours, your Pokemon will return to its normal state.  However, in the mega evolved state, your Pokemon is much more powerful and can significantly impact your battles. It is controversial in the game player community because it is only temporary, lasting 8 hours. This duration was increased from 4 to 8 hours in October 2020, but beware of inaccurate information you may be finding online! 

The main question a lot of people ask is: 

Is mega evolution worth it?oIn other words is it worth the resources to do mega evolution in the first place. Read on to help make your decision!

Pokemon Eligible for Mega Evolution

Not all Pokemon you have will be eligible for mega evolving. Here is a list of currently available Mega evolving mon:

  • Mega Venusaur
  • Mega Charizard
  • Mega Blastoise
  • Mega Beedrill
  • Mega Houndoom
  • Mega Pidgeot

This list will be updated as more Pokemon become eligible. Check back often for the updated list.

Note that you cannot mega evolve cloned and shadow pokemons.

Mega Evolution Basics

Here are all the basics to know for Mega Evolution. Details are later in this article.

1. One at a time: 

You can only mega evolve one Pokemon at a time. If you do a second one, the first, one goes back to normal.

2. Use in Battles:

Use your mega evolved Pokemon in battles

3. Hoard Mega Energy

I recommend saving as much mega energy as you can and use in events.

4. No Shadow Pokemon

Shadow Pokémon cannot be used for mega evolution.

5. No Clones

Clone Pokemon also are not eligible.

6. Just Temporary

Mega evolved pokemon revert back to their normal state after a few hours.

7. Big Power Boost

You get a big CP boost for your pokemon.  For example, a Charizard can see its CP go from about 2800 CP all the way up to 4300 HP. Now that's a big power jump.

8. Mega Pokedex

Your active mega evolved Pokemon will be listed in the Pokedex under the Mega Pokedex heading.

How to do a Mega Evolution

Mega Evolutions works a bit differently compared to main series games. Instead of a stone, you need to collect something called 'Mega Energy' to evolve your starter pokemons. You need to farm them from mega raids. Also, each pokemon requires different mega energy, just like candies.

So if you want to mega evolve your Blastoise, you need to do a bunch of mega raids in order to get sufficient energy.

Mega evolutions become easier after the first time.  For example, Mega evolving Beedrill costs 100 energy the first time, but just 40 energy the next time. Note that some Pokemon require more energy for mega evolutions than others.

Mega evolution cost you mega energy, and you cannot evolve two pokemons simultaneously. If you mega evolve your Charizard while you already have a mega evolved Blastoise, then the Blastoise will return back to normal from his mega evolved state. 

Usually a mega evolved pokemon can retain their form for 4 hours. However, during the some special events, like the Halloween event, the duration of the mega evolution is extended, up to 12 hours.

How You Can Use a Mega Evolved Pokemon

In case of battles, you can use mega evolved pokemons to defend gyms or in the Go Battle League, although Niantic has teased changes in future updates.

So as of now, you can only use in friendly battles, Team Go rocket encounters, gym battles when you beat the living ghost out of those Blisseys. You can also keep them as your buddy. 

The community was excited about Mega evolutions, and although many players look forward to using them in league battles. In the meantime my strategy has been to hoard mega energy for use during events that provide for an extended time of the mega evolved state.

What do you think? Is mega evolution worth it now? 


Anonymous said…
Nope, I haven't found mega evolutions to be worth all the trouble. But still when I've done it, it almost guarantees a win.