GO Battle League Guide for Pokemon Go - Strategy and Tips for Selecting Battle Teams

GO Battle League in Pokemon Go

Read on for great strategies for selecting GO Battle League teams, and winning more battles.

The Pokemon Go Battle League is a fun way for players to compete directly against one another in real time. The GO Battle league has three stages: 

  • Great League
  • Ultra League
  • Master League
These stages of the battle league switch every week, and a GO Battle League season consists of one of each of these three stages. Each of the stages has a CP cap, so that makes you choose different pokemon from your inventory to make up each 3 poke team.  Choosing your battle teams can be difficult, and ultimately, the fastest move set abilities tend to be the strongest. Picking the best pokemons isn't enough as you also have to factor in the move sets to counter opponent team comps. Let's have a look at the various leagues and what's the best choices for each of them.

Selecting Great League Teams

The Great League is great for all levels of players. This is because it has the lowest CP cap. You need to select among your Pokemon only those with CPs that are less than 1500. This can include some really great Pokemon who you have not powered up yet. 

In choosing your battle team, unfortunately you will not know the composition of your opponent's team. So you cannot pick the best counters to the opponent, because you basically are going in blind to the competition. So, the best strategy is to pick a well-balanced squad, with great fast charging up moves. Here are some good picks, but remember, you should still look for the best among the Pokemon you have in your inventory.

  • Venusaur- Venusaur is quite powerful, especially when you're up against Whiscash and Azumaril. It's defense stats, and type resistances make it quite the worthy opponent, and although it's weak against psychic and flying types, Venusaur comes highly recommended in the Pokemon Go community.
    • Type: Grass/Poison.
    • Recommended Moves: Frenzy plant, vine whip, solar beam and sludge bomb.
  • Swampert- Swampert is currently being considered the most powerful starter pokemon in Pokemon Go and can also be used in Ultra and Master leagues as well.
    • Type: Water/Ground.
    • Recommended Moves: Mud shot hydro cannon and earthquake.
  • Honorable mentions: 
    • Skarmory
    • Umbreon
    • Altaria
    • Whicash
    • Deoxys
    • Galarian 
    • Stunfisk
    • Azumaril.

Tips For Selecting Your Ultra League Team

The Ultra League falls in between the Great and Master leagues.  The maximum CP for the Pokemon you bring to battle is 2500 CP.  There are a lot of legendary and mythic options to choose from in the Ultra league, resulting in some exciting team compositions.  Picking the best Pokemon to bring a long to battle is a tough choice, but here are some good options:

  • Giratina - Giratina is an easy choice for Ultra League battle teams, mainly because it's legendary rarity grants some exceptionally high stats.
    • Type: Ghost/Dragon.
    • Recommended Moves: Shadow claw, Dragon claw, Shadow sneak, Ominous wind, shadow ball.
  • Registeel: Registeel is another legendary, so you can use Steelix instead if you're looking for a more common replacement. I often bring along Steelix for my Ultra League battles.
    • Type: Steel.
    • Recommended Moves: Lock On, Flash Cannon.
  • Togekiss: Togekiss is one of the best fairy type pokemons you can find in the Ultra League. It's the best in its class and can also hold its own in a faceoff with Giratina.
  • Honorable mentions: 
    • Machamp
    • Swmapart
    • Snorlax
    • Gyrados
    • Cresselia
    • Charizard.

Selecting Your Master League Team Strategies

The Master League lets you go all out with no CP restrictions on your pokemons. In the majority of cases, players mostly use legendary and mythic pokemons, all with over 3000 CP, if not over 3500. However, you also can use some more common alternatives that also pack hefty punches.

  • Metagross - Metagross is regarded as a pseudo-legendary pokemon in the main series games. This is because in spite of being a non-legendary pokemon it also has high stats and hits hard.
    • Type: Steel/ Psychic.
    • Recommended moves: Bullet punch, Meteor mash.
  • Mewtwo - Mewtwo was once an exclusive legendary, but with the advent of EX Raids, almost everyone has one. A bulked-up Mewtwo is an asset and is capable of clutching a few games in the Master League.
    • Type: Psychic
    • Recommended moves: Psycho cut, Shadow ball and Psystrike.
  • Honorable mentions: 
    • Dragonite
    • Darkrai
    • Mamoswine
    • Snorlax
    • Melmetal
    • Dialga.

The team building recommendations and strategies that I have provided can get you off to a good start in moving up in the Pokemon Battle Leagues. In addition to these recommendations, you also should try experimenting to see which team best fits your own personal play style.  

What do you think? Any other recommendations for the battle league teams.