Spotlight Hour Pokemon Go Guide and Calendar

Everything you need to know to have fun and do great with the weekly Spotlight Hour and Mystery Hour in Pokemon Go. 
The Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour takes place once every week. Starting in April 2020, it has been combined with the Mystery Hour as part of the COVID-19 adjustments to game playability.  It is believed this change is permanent.  
  • Spotlight Hour Day: Every Tuesday
  • Spotlight Hour Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time.

What Happens During Spotlight Hour: Featured Pokemon

For one hour, a featured Pokemon appears with increased frequency. This is your chance to catch a lot, and get candies of that Pokemon! In that way, it is similar to a Community Day.  The main differences are that the Spotlight Hour lasts for only an hour, and there is no special move. It really is meant to be a chance to load up on candies for a particular featured pokemon. In addition, now that the Mystery hour has been merged in with the Spotlight hour, you also can get bonuses, such as increased stardust or XP.  In summary:
  • Increased spawns of one featured Pokemon.
  • Increased chance of catching a shiny version of the featured Pokemon.
  • Mystery hour bonus - for example, more stardust, XP, candies etc.

How to Prepare for Spotlight Hour: Make Room in Your Pokemon Storage

During spotlight hour, the goal is to catch as many Pokemon as you can in a short time. So, do the following to prepare for the event:
  • Storage Space: Make space in your Pokemon storage:  you can transfer unwanted Poke to the Professor and get candies.
  • Pokeballs: Make sure you have enough pokeballs, which you'll need to catch Pokemon.
  • Berries: You may want to stock up on berries to make catching easier.
  • Incense or Lures: can increase even more the number of the featured Pokemon.

This Month's Spotlight Hour Schedule

You can find the exact schedule for this month in the chart below. You also can find it in the calendar for spotlight hours dates and times in the news section of the game. A few days before the start of each month, Niantic announces the Spotlight Hour schedule for the upcoming month, with the featured Pokemon and the Mystery Bonus for the hour. The specifics for each month are listed in the chart below.

List of Past Spotlight Hour Featured Pokemon and Mystery Bonuses

2020 Spotlight Hours

Date Featured Pokémon Mystery Bonus
November 24 Barboach 2x Transfer Candy
November 17 Meowth 2x Catch Candy
November 10 Jigglypuff 2x Catch XP
November 3 Cubone 2x Catch Stardust
October 27 Duskull 2x Evolution XP
October 20 Shuppet 2x Transfer Candy
October 13 Original Pikachu2x Catch Candy
October 6 World Cap Pikachu 2x Catch XP
September 25   Skitty     Double catch Stardust
September 22 Spearow Double evolving XP
September 15 Tentacool Double transfer candy
September 8 Houndour Double catch candy
September 1 Eevee Double catch XP
August 25 Geodude Double catch Stardust
August 18 Venipede Double evolving XP
August 11 Sableye Double transfer Candy
August 4 Horsea Double catch Candy
July 28 Buizel Double catch XP
July 21 Oddish Double catch Stardust
July 14 Zubat Double evolving XP
July 7 Taillow Double transfer Candy
June 30 Kricketot Double catch Candy
June 23 Clefairy Double catch XP
June 16 Numel Double catch Stardust
June 9 Patrat Double evolve XP
May 26 Bronzor Double transfer Candy
May 19 Poochyena Double catch Candy
May 12 Sunkern Double catch XP
May 5 Shellder Double catch Stardust
April 28 Pidgey Double evolve XP
April 21 Wobbuffet Double transfer Candy
April 14 Magnemite Double catch Candy
April 7 Purrloin Double catch XP
February 11 Spoink
February 4 Onix