Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon Go - Guide to Get Leafeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Jolteon And Flareon

Eevee evolution in Pokemon Go involves a lot of undocumented tricks and this guide shows you how to get the best evolved Pokemon from Eevee. Of course. Eevee is the lovable little Pokemon who can evolve into some of the best, most powerful mons in the game.  In particular there are 7 different Eevee evolutions and this guide provides all the tips and tricks for getting the powerful evolved form you want.

In-Game Eevee - Pokemon Go

Eevee Evolution Trick 1: Rename Eevee

In this method, you simply change the name of your Eevee, and once you hit the evolve button, you'll get the desired Pokemon. 

You only get one try for each of these, so be careful when doing this and make sure you really want to evolve that particular Eevee! When I did it, a long time ago, I did not realize that and got rather weak Umbrion and Expeon.

Follow these steps:

Step 1.  Select the desired Eevee to evolve. The best practice is to pick a very strong Eevee to use, or one that already is up to a high CP level.  Don't do what I did with Umbreon by mistake and evolve a weak Eevee!

Step 2.  Rename the selected Eevee to designate the desired evolution.  Here are the names you can use:

  • To receive Jolteon (Electric): Rename Eevee to Sparky

  • To receive Flareon (Fire): Rename Eevee to Pyro

  • To receive Vaporeon (Water): Rename Eevee to Rainer

  • To receive Umbreon (Dark): Rename Eevee to Tamao

  • To receive Espeon (Psychic): Rename Eevee to Sakura

  • To receive Glaceon (Ice): Rename Eevee to Rea

  • To receive Leafeon (Grass): Rename Eevee to Linnea

Be Careful! This Renaming trick only works one time for each type of evolution.

The renaming Eevee trick works only once for each name, and does not provide similar results on repeated attempts. I learned that the hard way!

TIP: Only use very good Eevees with this renaming trick!

Oh No! I Made a Mistake!

No worries! If you made a mistake, there still are evolution tricks you can use for 4 of the 7 different evolutions.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon - The Daytime Trick

Here is the fail safe way to get even more Espeons.
  1. Choose the Eevee you want to evolve.
  2. Make that Eevee your Buddy.
  3. Walk at least 10km with that Eevee as your buddy.
  4. During DAYTIME evolve the buddy Eevee, and it will turn into an Espeon. Remember, you MUST do this during daytime.  If you do it during night, you will get an Umbreon!


  • Still Be Buddies: You must do step 4 (evolving the buddy Eevee) while the Eevee still is your buddy. It will not work if you replace the Eevee with another Pokemon, and you will lose the credit for walking with that Eevee. If you make a mistake and still want an Umbreon, you have to repeat the whole process again. 
  • Game Time:  It also has to be day or night within the game, so do not follow the real-world clock for evolutions.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon - The Night Time Trick

Evolving into Umbreon is the same as Espeon, except for the last step.  The evolution has to be done during night, according to the game time.  Here are the steps:
  1. Choose the Eevee to evolve.
  2. Make that Eevee your Buddy.
  3. Walk at least 10km as buddies.
  4. During NIGHT TIME evolve the buddy Eevee, and it will turn into an Umbreon.

NOTES:  As with the Espeon, you have to make sure that you still are buddies with the Eevee, and it must be night time according to the game, and that may be different from your local time. 

How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon - The Mossy Lure Trick

In order to get a Leafeon, you need a mossy lure. If you have not gotten one in the Pokemon Go app yet, you can get one at the in-game store. It costs 200 coins at this time.  Here are the steps to evolve a Leafeon, once you have the mossy lure you need:

  • Go to a Pokestop
  • Activate the mossy lure in the pokestop.  Note, if someone else has activated a mossy lure in that pokes to, you are not required to use your own. There just has to be an active lure, regardless of who provided it.
  • Select the Eevee you want to evolve from your Pokemon collection. You should notice that the evolution icon has changed from a question mark to the target evolution, i.e., Leafeon.
  • Evolve the Eevee - within range of the pokestop, and while the mossy lure still is active.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Glaceon - The Glacial Lure Trick

The steps for getting a Glaceon with this trick are the same as those for a Leafeon, except use a Glacial Lure. In summary, here are the Glaceon steps using the Glacial Lure trick:

  • Go to a Pokestop
  • Activate the glacial lure in the pokestop.  If you do not have a glacial lure, you can get one from the in-app store. 
  • Select the Eevee you want to evolve. You should notice that the evolution icon has changed from a question mark to Leafeon.
  • Evolve the Eevee into a Leafeon, while still close enough to the pokestop, and while the glacial lure is active.
Coming soon: Evolving Eevee into Sylveon, once Sylveon comes into the Pokemon Go game!

What do you think? Did these tricks work for you? If one did not work, definitely leave a comment, so other players can know.


Anonymous said…
I got a mossy lure, and tried it to get a Leafeon, and it worked for me! Great tips.